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Etsy Finds

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8/8/08 06:57 pm - haleyisthebest

Gingham Cupcake Pencil Case by oddsnblobs

oddsnblobs has THE cutest pouches on Etsy. Being a cupcake fanatic, the above pencil case is my FAVOURITE!

7/26/08 10:53 am - haleyisthebest

Turquoise and pink ruffled lace open bottom gartered girdle set, burlesque, vaudeville, victoriana,M by vintageopulence

This vintage girdle and bra set from vintageopulence is absolutely beautiful with lace, ruffles, and flowers.

And just a note to all we now have EtsyFinds banners for advertising. They're in the userinfo!

7/22/08 12:24 pm - haleyisthebest

Yumegokochi x Unicorn - Vintage inspired with playful charms and kitsch necklace by noiretro

This necklace by noiretro is one of the most unique pieces of jewelry I've seen on Etsy. All the little gems and pretty things are perfectly placed to create the ideal necklace.

7/22/08 07:19 am - haleyisthebest

Love Bunnies 8 x 10 Print by ElegantSnobbery

ElegantSnobbery's art has a unique style to it that I have not yet seen on Etsy. She often paints on pages from children's books and music sheets, which gives it a very interesting look!

And just to let you all know, there's been a slight change to the rules. You may now post items that you've bought on Etsy! It can be a photo that you took or one that the seller took.

7/21/08 12:00 pm - haleyisthebest

SWEET NIKKI CUPCAKE(tm) by FatDaddyBakeShop.

I constantly find myself drifting over to FatDaddyBakeShop to drool over their Cupcakes in a Jar. They look absolutely delicious.

7/21/08 11:55 am - haleyisthebest

Your intentions, up yours by JacqleenBleu

With over 111 prints for sale, JacqleenBleu's photos are too gorgeous to feature just one. She's also currently running a buy one, get one free sale.

Click for moreCollapse )

7/21/08 07:09 am - haleyisthebest

Strawberry Shortcake Earrings Pack by neonkatsproducts

There's not much I can say for neonkatsproducts, as her stunning items do all the talking! Her items are a girl's best friend with hearts, bows, cake, pink, lace, kittens, and pearls.

7/21/08 07:03 am - haleyisthebest

SALE 30 percent off Decadent Rococo mini skirt w frayed edges by 11tyone

This gem from 11tyone popped up right on my friends list! With bows, tulle, flowers, and a quote by E. E. Cummings, this skirt is a dream come true.

7/21/08 06:59 am - haleyisthebest

Star Pincushion by keitosan.

I discovered keitosan over a year ago on Etsy, but my love for her Japanese inspired items hasn't faded. I originally featured her on my blog last year, but I feel she deserves being under the spotlight once more.

7/21/08 06:55 am - haleyisthebest


stephsdiy features paint splattered apparel with images of well known "emo/punk/grunge" musicians, such as Tokio Hotel, Paramore, Pearl Jam, No Doubt, Nirvana, Hole, and MANY more. But it doesn't stop at musicians. If you look hard enough, you can find items with Edward Scissorhands and Fight Club.
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